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Willy is one of the main protagonists of Maya the bee.He is Maya’s best friend, a bit of a rival with Barry, he’s the same age as Maya And is Violet’s (Former)Boyfriend.



Wily is lazy, clumsy, cowardly, and sometimes a showoff, but generally good-natured. His relationship to Maya is depicted inconsistently: in most adaptations, he's her best friend, who is in love with her, prone to jealousy when Maya's attentions turn to others. He is often reluctantly dragged into adventures by Maya.

  • It’s possible he might have a crush on Maya that he isn’t aware of.
  • Starting in season 2, he blushes whenever Maya kisses his cheek.
  • He was not featured in the original book by Bonsels, but became a major character in all spin-off media.
  • In Field Trip and Second Class, he fought against Beakie from chasing and eating insects.
  • He‘s 1 second younger than Maya And is a year younger than Violet.
  • In the anime, Willy always known as extremely lazy bee who likes to eat and sleep a lot. His personality remains the same in the remake. However, he was more awoke and active than his anime counterpart.
  • In the episode of the Honeymunch, Willy created a mixture of honey that he got himself a skin disease after he eats it. Later, Maya used it to reveal the true identity of the Honeymunch.
  • His name was changed in some languages. For example, he was 'Gucio' in the Polish dub and in the German dub, he was 'Willi' but the letter 'W' was pronounced as 'V'.


Maya the bee

Willy has shown multiple times that he deeply cares for his best friend Maya and is always there for her and to support her despite the fact that Maya will sometimes be the opposite of a good friend to him. This is because she will force him to do things he doesn't want to do LIKE ALL THE TIME and the fact that she has insulted him and accused him for something he didn't do but even though these things have happened Maya and willy have always been good friends and has always been there for each other, their relationship has always been adored by many fans and still do today.

Mrs. Cassandra the bee

Mrs. Cassandra is Maya and willy's teacher and an important character in the shows and in the first Maya the bee film. she is shown to be very motherly to both Maya and willy. She also cares very deeply about them which is the obvious reason why she appears to be very strict with them. It shows she cares for them wanting them to become successful as grown-up bees.

The Queen Bee

The Queen bee would obviously be on this list of being someone important to willy this is because she is his mother and the mother of all the bees in the hives as well (this doesn't exactly mean that the bees are related to each other.)

Flip the grasshopper

Flip the grasshopper is a father figure to willy. Willy cares for flip very much and is always there to help when he has a problem Flip is also known to do this for Willy too which makes him an important part of Willy's life.

Violet the bee

Violet the bee is a character that appears in Maya the bee 2: the honey games and is the love interest of willy for the first couple of scenes of the movie but she told him to lie to Maya about her cheating during the race by taking a short cut to the flower they were supposed to collect pollen from his crush on her went away completely and only end up just being friends at the end of the movie as Violet stopped being a mean cheater andhelped Maya and willy win the games saving their winter honey.

Lara the lady bug

Lara the ladybug is a character in the maya the bee shows and the first Maya the bee film. she is shown to be the love interest of willy but his feelings for her soon stopped as he started to develop feelings for Maya.



Favourite Number - 7

Favourite Colour - Blue