Maya the Bee Movie 3 subtitled The Golden Orb is an 96 minute film by Studio 100 slated to be released in January 7, 2021.

Maya the Bee 3 The Golden Orb.jpg


Once upon a time, When Maya and Willy bust out of a winter lock down early, they are catapulted headfirst into a top secret mission! Entrusted with the care of a sacred seed, Maya and Willy team up with the lovable but clumsy ants Arnie and Barney to deliver the seed to i’s new home atop the mysterious Bonsai Mountain. But when their “seed” hatches, Maya and Willy come face to face with their biggest responsibility yet - a little princess! They have to take on bounty hunters, thugs and ruthless enemies, to return the lost princess to her mountain colony, only to find it hanging in the balance of a turf war, remorseless predators, and the main antagonist. The Storm King! Willy discovers a side of himself that he never expected as he becomes protective of the tiny princess.[1] And they live happily ever after!


Coco Jack Gillies as Maya

Benson Jack Anthony as Willy

The Umbilical Brothers as Arnie and Barney [replacing Michael Sorich]



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